Suppliers of Chrome Stock & Induction Hardened Chrome Stock

Hard Chrome Plating and Grinding

We have polishing machines with a maximum capacity of 850 Dia swing and lengths of up to 11,5 meter. We have chrome plating tanks with a maximum plating length of 11,5 meter on a maximum  of 2 ton. We have  a staff of 16 workshop, 2 Drivers and 4 Office Staff. We run a 24 hour shift to cater for breakdown work , - Contact person Warren Forbes 0827839136. Our turn around time is as follows: GCG - 2 - 7 Day's Depending on damage,size & workload. Breakdowns normally 2-3 Day's. Linish & Flash - 1-2 Day's

Strip & Chrome - 1-3 Day's

Chrome Stock/ Induction Hardened Chrome Stock - 1- 2 Day's

We are situated in Benoni within easy access to all major highway's on the east rand where our 2 bakkies and 4 ton truck collect and deliver on a daily basis.


Hard Chrome Plating is a process by means of which chromium is electrolytically deposited directly upon a base metal, thereby imparting to the base metal an extremely hard surface.  Hard Chrome Plating is essential in combating abrasion and many types of corrosion; it helps reduce wear, replacement cost and costly downtime.


  • Hardness 70 Rockwell C
  • Resistance to corrosion & heat 400?c
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Non-adhesive properties
  • Decorative Appearance
  • Paramagnetic  properties