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Hard Chroming Tank

Final Chrome & Ground Rods

Pre & Final Polishing

Ground & Flashed Rollers

Final Polishing of Chrome Rod

Induction Hardened Bucket/Tilt Cylinders

Final Ground of Piston Rods

Roller Being Pre-Ground

Hard Chromed Awaiting Inspection

Awaiting Inspection

Final Inspection - Measuring Chrome Thickness

Piston Rods

Grinding of Piston Rod

Roller Being Pre-Ground

760 Dia Stage Pre Grind For Chrome

760 Dia Stage

760 Dia Stage

Final grind Chromed Rod

Final Polish Chromed Bucket Tilt Rod

Titan Chrome Office

Titan Chrome Signboard

Titan Chrome Workshop - Back

Titan Chrome Workshop - Front

Zero To 300mm Mics

Final Grind Cylinder Rod

Small Chrome Tank

Temperature Controller

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